Zoning Compliance

Application for Certificate of Zoning Compliance (link to application)

Part 1.0, Section 1.10 of City of Brockville Zoning By-law 050-2014 (as amended) states:

"No person shall change the use of any lot covered by this By-law, or of any building or structure on any such lot or of any part of such lot, building or structure wtihout having applied for and received a Certificate of Occupancy under The Planning Act, issued by the Corporation or its appointed agent.  Issuance of such Certificate of Occupany by the Corporation will imply that the proposed use is in compliance with this By-law.  Applications for Certificate of Occupancy shall be made on the prescribed forms and shall be know as Certificate of Zoning Compliance."

Please submit a completed application for Certificate of Zoning Compliance to the Planning Department for review. 

The issuance of a Certificate of Zoning Compliance by the City will advise that your proposed change in use complies with the provisions of Zoning By-law 050-2014, as amended.

For further information, please contact Dayna Golledge, Administrative Coordinator - Planning; (613) 342-8772; email: