Site Plan Control Process
Site Plan Control Submission Requirements


Site Plan Control Process

Application Procedures

Step 1: Initial Discussion of Development Proposal

Before the formal application is completed, the Applicant is strongly advised to meet with Planning Department staff to:

  • review the proposed development;
  • determine its compliance with the current Official Plan and Zoning By-law; and
  • establish whether Site Plan Control Approval is required for the development.

The applicant should also meet with the Chief Building Official to determine if the proposed structure complies with current building regulations.

The Applicant should consult with the Operations Department - Engineering Division, Brockville Utilities Inc., Bell Canada, Cogeco, and Enbridge Gas prior to making application in order to ensure compliance with relevant local, municipal, Provincial and Federal regulations and requirements. This may prevent costly delays in processing the application or construction of the development at a later time.

Step 2: Completion and Submission of Formal Application

After consulting with City staff, the Applicant completes a Site Plan Control Application form.

The application is submitted with the required fee and all required materials and information. 

Step 3: Application Review and Circulation

Once the application is received, the application is first reviewed by the Planning Department.  The Applicant will be notified if the application is incorrect or incomplete. Acceptable applications are typically circulated to the following agencies and City Departments for their comments and additional information:

  1. Operations Department - Engineering Division
  2. Parks and Recreation Department (landscaping and waste disposal & recycling)
  3. Planning Department - Building Inspection Division
  4. Fire Department
  5. Hydro One
  6. Bell
  7. Cogeco
  8. Pipelines (Trans Northern, TransCanada, Enbridge) if required
  9. School Boards (in the case of residential development)

In certain instances, comments from the Brockville Police Department, the Lanark, Leeds and Grenville Health Unit (Health Unit), the City Solicitor, the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (C.R.C.A.), and other agencies may be requested.  Both the C.R.C.A. and the Health Unit require a fee for the review of applications.  Please contact both agencies directly regarding their fee requirements.

These agencies review the proposal and submit comments and required changes to the Planning Department for further review.  If changes to the proposal are required, the Planning Department informs the Applicant in writing. The applicant should contact the Planning Department for clarification on any comments or changes made by any department or agency.  If changes to the plans and/or proposal are necessary, the Applicant shall make such corrections and resubmit the development proposal to the Planning Department. The Planning Department, in conjunction with the appropriate agency or department, then reviews the modified proposal.

Step 4: Application Approvals and Site Plan Control Agreement Preparation

When the development proposal is acceptable to both the Applicant and the City, the Planning Department prepares a Site Plan Control Agreement and forwards the original and six (6) copies to the Applicant.  After the Applicant reviews the Agreement, all signed copies of the Agreement, seven (7) paper sets of drawings and one electronic copy of the drawings should be returned to the Planning Department.

Once the Planning Department has confirmed that the drawings are acceptable, a report outlining the development proposal will be forwarded to City Council for approval. One coloured site plan, elevation(s) and landscaping drawing and one reduced site plan drawing (8.5"x11") are required for presentation to the Economic Development Planning Committee and Council.

Step 5: Financial Security

If required, and prior to the authorization of the Agreement by the City, an Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit/Letter of Guarantee or Cash Deposit in the value of 50% of the site work, in favour of the City, shall be provided. In the case of a cash deposit, no interest will be paid by the City.

Step 6: Execution of Site Plan Control Agreement

Upon resolution of City Council to accept the development proposal, the Mayor and Clerk will execute the Agreements on behalf of the City.  Following execution of the Agreement, the Clerk's Office will have the Agreement registered on title at the County Registry Office.

A copy of the duly executed Agreement will be forwarded to the Applicant by the Clerk's Office.

Step 7: Obtaining a Building Permit

A building permit can be obtained from the Chief Building Official after the following conditions have been satisfied:

  1. the Owner has provided the required security;
  2. the City has executed (signed and sealed) the Site Plan Control Agreement;
  3. the application for a building permit is complete (including fully completed application form, submission of required drawings, payment of all applicable fees, copies of any  and other required government approvals); and
  4. the requirements of The Ontario Building Code Act have been met.