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Municipal Election

Municipal Election Results for Brockville 2022

WREN, MattMayorAcclaimedX
WALES, CameronCouncillor3838X
KALIVAS, MikeCouncillor3527X
DEERY, PhilipCouncillor2989X
FULLARTON, JaneCouncillor2980X
EARLE, JeffreyCouncillor2737X
SEVERSON, LouiseCouncillor2684X
LAVERGNE, NathalieCouncillor2520X
HOBBS, KatherineCouncillor2518X
LUHADIA, PritiCouncillor2221
PRETTEJOHN, SusanCouncillor1974
MCARTHUR, RobCouncillor1870
HODGE, MezaunCouncillor1837
ANANNY, SherylCouncillor1594
STEVENSON, WillyCouncillor1493
UMGEHER, RoyceCouncillor706
MCLAUGHLIN, GordonCouncillor555
LABONTE, MichelSchool Board Trustee, English Public (Ward 5)3044X
MCCREA, JohnSchool Board Trustee, English Public (Ward 5)2722
CUMMINGS, ChristopherSchool Board Trustee, English Separate (Zone 4)874X
FREEDOM, DavidSchool Board Trustee English Separate (Zone 4)521
FERRANT, QuentinSchool Board Trustee, English Separate (Zone 4)288

2022 Municipal and School Board Election Candidate Expenditures

All campaign financial statements were required to be submitted on Friday, March 31, 2023, prior to 2:00 p.m. Candidates who do not file their financial statements in accordance with the Municipal Elections Act, will forfeit their elected office (if they won the election) and will not be eligible to run for office until after the next election. Financial Statements from David Freedom, School Board Trustee English Separate, have not been received as of March 31, 2023. 2022 Election Candidate Financial Statements

Election Guides

Guides for municipal council and school board elections are available:

Municipal Election Accessibility Plan

To view the City of Brockville’s official Municipal Election Accessibility Plan please click the link below:

Municipal Election Accessibility Plan

Clerk's Office

Lynn Murray

Deputy Clerk

613-342-8772 Ext: 4431

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