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Brockville 1000 Islands Regional Tackaberry Airport

The Brockville – 1000 Islands Regional Tackaberry Airport is a registered aerodrome located in Elizabethtown-Kitley, 4.8 nautical miles northwest of the City of Brockville. It is also known as the Brockville Airport, CNL3 (Transport Canada LID), or abbreviated as BRTA.

The Brockville Airport is owned by the City of Brockville and operated by Brock Air as a Fixed Base Operator (FBO). The Brockville Airport Commission is responsible for management and oversight.

The Brockville Airport is open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Fuel service and access to the airport terminal building, including to public washrooms and the pilot’s lounge, are only available during staffed hours: 7:30am – 4:30pm. *Fuel service available after hours subject to a callout fee.

Visiting Pilots

N 44o 38′ 20″ latitude
W 75o 45′ 02″ longitude


Runway 04/22 is an asphalt runway measuring 4,500 feet x 90 feet. Runway 04/22 is open year-round and has snow clearing completed during the winter months. Runway line painting is completed as per Transport Canada TP312 – Aerodromes Standards and Recommended Practices.

Runway 16/34 is a turf runway (grass strip) measuring 2,010 feet x 70 feet. Runway 16/34 is open for the summer months only. Airport staff roll the turf runway annually in advance of opening it for the summer season.

Fuel Service

100 Low Lead (AVGAS) and Jet A-1 Fuel available at Brockville Airport pumps. Fuel service is available 24/7 using the self-service payment terminal. Payment must be made with Credit or Debit. Brock Air staff is available to assist with fueling during staffed hours from 7:30am – 4:40pm daily. Fuel service is self-serve outside of staffed hours. A 24/7 phone number is posted at the pumps if service is required with the pumps or payment terminal.

Approach Procedures

GPS Approach – RNAV (GNSS) Instrument Approach Procedure available for 04 and 22 direction of runway 04/22.

NAV Canada provides weather imaging for the Brockville Airport


Unicom operates on 123.0MHz.


Runway 04/22 key up – Type K – pilot activated:

Pilots may key up the runway edge lights, runway identification lights (i.e., strobes) and Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) on 123.3 MHz. These lights will turn off after 15 minutes. Type K key up:

Pilots may key up the Medium Intensity Approach Lights Sequenced Flashing (MALSF) on 123.5 MHz. The MALSF lights will be on for 15 minutes unless reselected.

The rotating beacon is on from dusk to dawn.

Terminal Facilities

Airport terminal is open to pilots during staffed hours (7:30am-4:30pm). Terminal includes public washrooms and pilot’s lounge. Wi-Fi and Satellite TV available to visiting pilots.

Parking and Tie Downs

Overnight parking on a paved apron and tie down space is typically available. Current tie down rates:

Resident Pilots

Hangar Rental Space

The Brockville Airport has rental spaces available for rent for indoor aircraft parking in a City owned hangar. The hangar provides parking space only, and the City hangar cannot be used for maintenance. Contact the airport manager to inquire about rates and vacancies.

Land Leases (Private Hangars)

The Brockville Airport has land available for lease for the development of private aircraft hangars. There are currently 5 private hangars located at the airport. Land can be leased in 5-year increments to a term of up to 30 years. Land is leased per square foot and the lessee is responsible for all costs associated with the development of a new hangar. The City of Brockville will extend taxiway access to new hangars. Contact the airport manager to inquire about rates and vacancies.

Fuel Service

Resident pilots are eligible to sign up for a Keytrol account for the fuel system. This allows for resident pilots to create a standing account invoiced monthly for fuel use. Use of this system can occur outside of staffed hours without incurring callout fees and offers a discounted rate of 100 Low Lead (AVGAS) fuel.

Fuel Prices

100 Low Lead (AVGAS) : $2.36/L + HST
Jet A-1: $2.05/L + HST

Airport Commission

The Brockville Airport Commission is designated by City Council for the purpose of organizing, maintaining, and operating a field and facilities as an airport. Airport Commission members serve 4-year terms concurrent with the Brockville City Council term. Airport Commission meetings occur monthly. Airport Commission reports and minutes can be made available upon request.

Airport Contact

Kent Wharton
Airport Manager, Brock Air
Fax: 613-342-4588
4620 Airport Road
R.R #4, Brockville, Ontario
K6V 5T4

International Airports

Ottawa International Airport is approximately an hours’ drive from Brockville.

Other airports are:
Dorval Airport, in west Montreal, which is approximately a 2 hour drive.
Mirabel Airport, north of Montreal, is approximately 2.5 hour drive.
Toronto Pearson International Airport is approximately a 3 hour drive.
Syracuse, NY is approximately a 2 hour drive.

Ottawa International Airport
Hancock International Aiport (Syracuse, NY)
Dorval and Mirabel International Airports (Montreal area)
Pearson International Airport (Toronto area)

Ogdensburg Airport


The Ogdensburg airport is located 4 miles from the Prescott International Bridge. The airport has one 5,200′ x 150′ paved runway, a terminal, and hangar space available. It is licensed for both VFR and IFR operations as well as having localizer NBD instrument approach. The Ogdensburg airport has a US Air affiliated commuter airline (315-393-4897) that flies to Watertown and Massena, using Pittsburgh as a hub. Custom facilities are available with 2 hours notice. (315) 393-1390.

Regional and International Airport Internet sites:

Brockville: http://www.brockvilleairport.com

Ottawa: http://www.yow.ca

Montreal: http://www.admtl.com

Toronto: http://www.gtaa.com

Ogdensburg: http://www.ogdensport.com/

Kingston: http://www.cityofkingston.ca/residents/transportation/airport

Syracuse: http://www.syrairport.org


Matthew Locke

Supervisor of Transportation Services

613-342-8772 Ext: 3225

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