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Mayor and Council

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the City of Brockville’s website. Brockville City Council and the dedicated City of Brockville staff are here to serve your needs and ensure you have access to the information you need.

Along with complete information about City services and programs, you can also virtually take part in all Council and Standing Committee meetings which are live streamed on the CivicWeb Portal and available after a meeting in recorded format.

If you are visiting Brockville or considering visiting in the future, we want to extend a very warm welcome. As the City of the 1000 Islands, we hope you will explore all the beauty of our natural surroundings and the many enjoyable events, festivals and activities there are to see and do.

Matt Wren - Mayor, City of Brockville

Matt Wren – Mayor, City of Brockville

Council Roles and Responsibilities

The City of Brockville Council is the governing body of the municipal corporation and the custodian of its powers, both legislative and administrative. The Municipal Act provides that councils can only exercise the powers of the municipal corporation in the proper form, either by bylaw or resolution.

The councillors job is to work with other council members to set the overall direction of the municipality through their role as a policy maker. The policies that council sets are the guidelines for administration to follow as it does the job of running a municipality. A councillor will spend a lot of time while on council creating new policies and programs or reviewing the current ones to make sure they are working as they should.

Under the Municipal Government Act, councillors have the following duties:

Brockville City Council from left, Mike Kalivas, Jeff Earle, Jane Fullarton, Mayor Matt Wren, Katherine Hobbs, Louise Severson, Nathalie Lavergne, Cameron Wales and Phil Deery.


Matt Wren


Phil Deery


Jeff Earle


Jane Fullarton


Katherine Hobbs


Mike Kalivas


Nathalie Lavergne


Louise Severson


Cameron Wales


Administration Department

Stephanie Dunbar

Executive Assistant and Corporate Communications

613-342-8772 Ext: 4430

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