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Bylaw Enforcement

Our Bylaw Enforcement Officers are responsible for animal control, property standards, and bylaw enforcement.

Please note that vehicle and parking related infractions (including parking tickets) are handled separately. For Parking related inquires, please contact our Customer Service and Revenue Department by visiting our Parking page.

Bylaw Enforcement Complaints

Complaints against bylaw infractions must be submitted formally in writing and submitted to our Bylaw Enforcement Officers. Complaints may be submitted online using our bylaw enforcement complaint form submission tool or you may pick up a paper copy from City Hall.

Please click here to review the most accessed bylaws for the City of Brockville.

Property Standards

The Property Standards Bylaw - 078-2015 prescribes standards for the maintenance and occupancy of property within the City of Brockville.

The bylaw also prohibits the occupancy or use of property that does not conform to the standards until repaired and maintained to conform, or for a site to be cleared of all buildings, structures, debris or refuse and left in a graded and leveled condition.

Please read the Property Standards Bylaw for more information, or fill out our online form to make a formal complaint.

Noise Bylaw

The City of Brockville Noise Bylaw - 076-2021 (A Bylaw to Control Noise in the City of Brockville) recognizes that excessive sounds and inadequately controlled noise may impair public health, safety and welfare and could become a public nuisance and defines the regulations around control and enforcement of excessive noises.

In developing the Noise Bylaw, current legislation was reviewed as well as best practice in comparative municipalities and those in the surrounding area to ensure consistency. Brockville Police Services were consulted prior to developing the draft noise bylaw to ensure any proposed changes enhance the enforcement of excess noise.

The revised bylaw came into effect on December 28, 2021 and has been structured to provide greater clarity to prohibited activities and exemptions as well as it will allow for better control of noise throughout the community through increased and efficient enforcement.

To make a noise complaint, please fill out our bylaw complaint form.

Information on Animal Control

Our By-Law Enforcement officers investigate formal complaints made against animals in the City of Brockville in accordance with our Animal Control Bylaw 007-1982.

Please click here for more information on Animal Control and owning pets in the City of Brockville.

Related Contacts:

Bylaw Enforcement

Linda Nastuk

By-Law Enforcement Officer

613-342-8772 Ext: 4473

Dan Tessier

Inspection Officer

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