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Brockville Cemetery Location:

1524 County Road 2
Elizabethtown-Kitley, ON K6V 5T3
Phone: 613-342-3858
Email the Brockville Cemetery

The City of Brockville maintains a Cemetery Operator Licence (#3282725) and a Site Licence (CM-02012). Both licences are renewed annually in accordance with the provisions outlined by the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002.

The Brockville Cemetery grounds are open to visitors daily from sunrise to sunset. All visitors to the property are asked to be respectful of the grounds.

Visitors are welcome to bring their pets on to the property; however, dogs must be leashed while on the grounds. A pet waste station is available on the south-side of the property, near the entrance to the Old St. Francis Xavier Cemetery.

Vehicles within the Cemetery shall be driven at a speed not exceeding 20 km/h (15 mph) and shall not park on the grass unless directed to do so by the Cemetery Operator.


Burials may take place during the following hours:

Burials may be permitted after regular hours, subject to availability and approval of the Cemetery Office. Families looking for additional information, including mapping, may contact the Cemetery Office at any time.

The City of Brockville and the Brockville Cemetery reserves full control over the cemetery operations and management of land within the cemetery grounds. The Cemetery Operator is not liable for any loss or damage, without limitation, save and except for direct loss or damage caused by gross negligence of the cemetery.

Cemetery Office Hours

The Cemetery Office will be operating Monday to Friday during the business hours listed below.

The Cemetery Office will be closed weekdays from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, as well as on the weekends and during all statutory holidays.

The Brockville Pet Cemetery

Please be advised that all services for the Brockville Pet Cemetery are suspended until further notice.

Dog Walking on Cemetery Grounds

The City of Brockville would like to remind all dog walkers that dogs must be on leash when visiting the Brockville Cemetery. Please be mindful to not disturb graveside services that may be happening. Any person who disturbs the quiet and good order of the Cemetery may be expelled from the property.


Emily MacKenzie

Supervisor of Cemetery Services

613-342-8772 Ext: 3400

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