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City Services

The City of Brockville is an upper tier municipality. Mayor and City Council set the direction for the municipality through regular council and committee meetings and hire the City Manager. The City Manger directs staff and oversees the City’s departments and functions.

Internal staff make up the core City Services and include administration, customer service, human resources, clerk, finance and treasury, economic development, planning, building, bylaw enforcement, engineering, water supply and treatment, wastewater and sewer systems, solid waste (garbage, recycling, and composting), geographic information systems, cultural services (including the Brockville Arts Centre and Brockville Museum), city transit and Brockville airport, public works, parks, harbour, campground, city islands, arenas, cemetery, and other outdoor city athletic fields and trail system.

Brockville also has its own Fire Department and Police Services, and a beautiful public library.

Certain services are shared between the City and the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville through a shared services agreement, such as housing and Emergency Medical Services.

Customer Service

Chelsea Conklin

Customer Service Representative

613-342-8772 Ext: 4490

Jessica Kelly

Customer Service Representative

613-342-8772 Ext: 4443

Margie Thom

Customer Service Representative

613-342-8772 Ext: 4467

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