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The City of Brockville’s Festival and Events Guidance Document is designed for event organizers looking to host small or large events within the City of Brockville. It provides advice, assistance, and regulatory requirement to assist you with your event planning.

This guidance document is designed specifically for organizers looking for information on hosting an outdoor public event or festival in public spaces (City Parks or Streets), however most of the information will be helpful for large private events, or public events that take place at other facilities in the city even if they are not on city property or streets.

If you are planning a festival or event in the City of Brockville, please read through this guidance document in its entirety prior to contacting City Staff. A Facility Use Application is required for any outdoor event on public property, and you should plan to submit your application and other documentation as soon as possible to ensure that your event can proceed as planned.

Please note that in addition to your facility use application, there are specific requirements under the Ontario Building Code for tents at your event, and most recently, for stages which now require a building permit.

Additionally, the City of Brockville can no longer request locates for an event on behalf of the organizer. The event organizers must acquire their own locates in their own name. Locates can be requested through Ontario One Call and are valid for 60 days. Please request locates early.

Click here to learn more about Hosting a public Event or Festival.


Chad Davis

Parks Supervisor

613-342-8772 Ext: 3255

Susan Graham

Arenas Administrative Coordinator

613-342-8772 Ext: 3238

Robyn Houle

Parks and Events Coordinator

613-342-8772 Ext: 3266

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