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Home LIVING Apartments, Condos and Housing


Apartments, Condos and Housing

For current apartment and condo availability, check the local newspaper classifieds, and visit Kijiji which is used frequently in our area. In addition to those sources, the following contacts are for property management companies in our city that may have available apartments:

The DMS Property Management Ltd.

Property Management Company

613-498-0299 or 613-246-8391 |

Eastern Ontario Property Management Group

Property Management Company



Marguerita Residence Corp

(must be 65+ years of age)


Olive Corp Property Management


River City Property Management

Property Management Company


Property Manager: Chantal Richards

If you have a property management company with multiple available listings in Brockville and would like to appear on this page, please contact Economic Development.

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As an initiative to increase the supply of affordable rental housing for low-income households in Leeds and Grenville, the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville has introduced two Secondary Suite Programs for Brockville / Leeds and Grenville.

The two types of Secondary Suite Programs are:

  1.  The Ontario Priorities Housing Initiative (OHPI) Secondary Suite Program, which targets the creation of a rental unit for low-income households, at a person’s sole and principal residence.
    OPHI Ontario Priorities Housing Initiative Secondary Suite Program Fact Sheet 
    OPHI Ontario Priorities Housing Initiative Secondary Suite Program - Application
  2.  Leeds and Grenville Landlord Secondary Suite Program is accessible to small landlords, and targets the creation of rental units in a property for low-income households, that is not the landlord’s sole and principle residence, and the applicant can own another property. 
    Leeds and Grenville Landlord Secondary Suite Program - Fact Sheet 
    Leeds and Grenville Landlord Secondary Suite Program - Application

The fact sheets outline the programs, and we encourage you to share the attached Applications with interested persons.  More information can be found at  

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United Counties of Leeds Grenville 
25 Central Ave W Suite 200
Brockville ON, K6V 4N6
613-342-3840 ext 2328