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Volunteering with the City of Brockville

We, the City of Brockville, believe that the enthusiasm, dedication and contributions of our volunteers help to make Brockville a strong, inclusive and vibrant community.

We appreciate the talents and time that our volunteers donate to the activities and events in our city.

We are proud to promote and support volunteerism and welcome you to become a volunteer with the City of Brockville.

Why volunteer with the City of Brockville?

As a volunteer with the City of Brockville, you have the opportunity to . . .

  • get to know and be involved in the community
  • gain professional skills and experience
  • develop social and professional connections
  • complete Ontario Secondary School Diploma requirements

What opportunities are there for Volunteers with the City of Brockville?

As a volunteer with the City of Brockville, you will be able to select opportunities that fit your interests, skills and schedule.

These opportunities include but are not limited to . . .

Where can I volunteer with the City of Brockville? 

Brockville Arts Centre

The success of the Brockville Arts Centre is due in large part to our dedicated volunteers who donate thousands of hours in volunteer time each year ensuring the safety and enjoyment of our patrons.

Our volunteers are friendly and helpful and always prepared to answer the questions of patrons, some of whom are visitors to our city.

Our volunteers assist Arts Centre staff with a variety of tasks including, but not limited to:

  • greeting theatre patrons
  • taking patrons’ tickets
  • ushering patrons to their seats
  • distributing programs
  • checking patrons’ coats
  • serving patrons beverages and snacks (Smart Serve certification required)

Volunteer schedules are arranged in consideration of the events’ task requirements as well as volunteer availability.

For more information please contact the Volunteer Coordinator or call (613) 342-7122.

Brockville Museum

The Brockville Museum appreciates the support of our local community!  If you are interested in being the public face of the museum or helping out behind the scenes, we might have just the volunteer opportunity that you are looking for. Please consider joining us! 

We can work with your schedule - you choose the number of hours that you would like to contribute — as many or as few as you wish. Whatever your skills, we'd be happy to talk to you! 

Currently we are most in need of:

· Visitor Services/Greeters

· Special Events Assistants

· Educational Program Assistants

· Docents 

· Gardeners

If you’re interested, you may sign up right now! Provide us with some information about yourself and your interests by printing off and filling in our volunteer registration form. When you are done, mail them back or drop them off at the museum. Our Community Engagement Officer, will arrange a meeting with you. (613) 342 4397 x6223.  

Volunteer scanning photos

Brockville Public Library

Brockville Public Library welcomes individuals who want to give freely of their valuable time and talents to the community by assisting with the provision of public library services.  Volunteers are recognized as contributors to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the Library.

Assist library staff with tasks which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Children and adult programming
  • Homebound Outreach
  • Circulation clerical duties
  • Collection maintenance (shelving, inventory, shelf-reading)
  • General housekeeping (tidying, dusting, cleaning computer stations)
  • Gardening
  • Recycling
  • Advertising support (folding flyers and flyer distribution)
  • Special events
  • Fundraising activities

Task assignments are based on the interests and qualifications of the volunteers as ascertained from the application and screening process.  Training for task assignments is provided

The schedules are arranged in consideration of task requirements and personal availability. 

Contact:  Community Engagement Coordinator; 613-342-3936

Who may become a Volunteer with the City of Brockville?

You may volunteer with the City of Brockville if you are. . .

  • 16 years of age with the exception of some positions at the Brockville Library
  • 18 years of age or older AND provide a valid Criminal Record Check that is dated within the past year (see below)

How do I apply to become a Volunteer with the City of Brockville?

If you wish to apply to become a volunteer with the City of Brockville, you must . . .

What else will I need to do before becoming a Volunteer with the City of Brockville?

Prior to volunteering, you will need to . . .

Who do I contact to become a Volunteer with the City of Brockville?

Brockville Arts Centre  

 Volunteer Coordinator

 (613) 342-7122

 Brockville Public Library

 Community Engagement Coordinator

 (613) 342-3936

 Brockville Museum

 Community Engagement Officer

 (613) 342-4397

For more information, and to apply for a volunteer role, please view the application.

For information on volunteer opportunities with the Aquatarium, please visit the website.

For information on volunteer opportunities with Brockville Police, please visit their website.