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    Brockville Railway Tunnel Update

    Posted: Thursday April 04, 2024

    As many in the community are aware, the City has been dealing with challenges with the lighting system in the Brockville Railway Tunnel. The issues go beyond regular maintenance. Numerous components of the Tunnel light show have prematurely failed resulting in additional work to open for the 2024 season. The City is actively engaged with the lighting system manufacturer and other professionals to work towards solutions.

    While every effort has been made to open the Tunnel in time for Monday’s solar eclipse, the City regrets that this will not be possible. The Tunnel will be open for the season in the coming weeks once all issues have been addressed and modified to the level of standard that we strive to uphold.

    With these modifications, the City is confident that the attraction will be able to be enjoyed and appreciated by visitors and local residents alike, while we work towards a full restoration.

    Update: for the latest information, please see our announcement on the 2024 tunnel opening date

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