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Building Permit Applications and Fees

Building Permit Application

Click here to apply for a Building Permit through Cloudpermit.

Building Permit Fees 2022

What is a Building Permit?

A building permit is your formal permission to begin construction. It means that plans for any new structure, addition or renovation have been approved by the municipality, and that they comply with the Ontario Building Code, the local zoning by-law and any other applicable laws and regulations. The City of Brockville now processes all building permit applications through cloud-based e-permitting software called Cloudpermit. Click here to apply for a Building Permit through Cloudpermit.

Why are Building Permits Necessary?

Through the use of building permits, a municipality can regulate the types of construction in the community and ensure that proper building standards are met. The building permit process protects the individual’s interests as well as those of the community at large, and provides for the erection of safe and sound structures, in accordance with the Building Code.

When do I need a Building Permit?

The Building Code Act requires you to obtain a building permit if you are planning to:

  1. Construct any new building or structure on your property.
  2. Make material alterations, additions or repairs to a building.
  3. Excavate or construct a foundation.
  4. Install heating, plumbing, air conditioning systems, fireplace, wood stove
    or other wood burning appliances.
  5. Put up a temporary building, mobile home or prefab structure.
  6. Renovate or convert an existing building.

When considering any kind of construction on your property, it is a good idea to discuss your plans with the local building staff first. They can advise you about any other permits or approvals you might need, such as demolition permits, minor variances and electrical permits.

If you are not sure whether you need a permit or not, simply call your local building department and ask. Either you will get an answer over the telephone, or a building inspector may visit your site in order to advise you about what is required.

What is required before Demolition?

Before you demolish any building in part or whole, you are required by the Building Code to apply for a demolition permit from your municipality's building official. The process for obtaining one is similar to that for a building permit. In some cases, you must hire a professional engineer to oversee the demolition.

You should be aware that special situations may affect a proposed demolition.

Heritage buildings intended for designation or formally designated as having historic or architectural significance under the Ontario Heritage Act are subject to certain conditions:

  1. Building intended for designation cannot be demolished without local council approval
  2. Designation does not permanently prohibit demolition, but requires a permit to be obtained to demolish a building on a designated property. If the council refuses such a permit, no demolition may take place for 180 days. This is to allow an opportunity to negotiate with the owner to somehow preserve the distinctive character of the building.

How do I apply for a Building Permit?

The City of Brockville now uses a cloud-based e-permitting software called Cloudpermit to process all Building Permit Applications. This system digitizes the building permit process and will eventually help us go completely paperless. The software streamlines the application process and makes it easier for the applicant to track the status of their permit, request an inspection, and more.

Along with your application, you will be required to submit sketches, building drawings, plans and other documents to the municipality for processing. An application fee and applicable charges for such services as water connections and surveys may apply. An application is not considered complete until payment has been received. 

Most applications are processed quite quickly, and in applying for a permit, access to the municipal Building Official’s advice and years of experience is available.

For interior work, a floor plan and a cross-section drawing will usually be required. For work affecting the exterior, you’ll be asked to supply a floor plan, a cross-section, a site plan and elevations. These should be made to scale, showing all dimensions.

For buildings over three stories or more than 600m2, an architect or engineer will be needed to design your building and prepare drawings and plans.

To check the exact requirements of the permit application, contact the Building & By-Law Services Division.

If your property is covered by a local site plan control by-law, a building permit will not be issued until you have fulfilled all of the site plan requirements laid out by the municipality. For detailed information about site plan approval, contact the Planning Department.

Building Permit Fees

The City of Brockville adopted By-Law 022-2022, being a By-Law to establish general fees and service charges.  The fees established by By-Law 022-200 came into effect as of April 1, 2022. 

Building Permit Fees 2022

Should you have any questions with respect to the information provided, please contact:

What are my obligations during construction?

Your Building Permit will be issued with a list of inspections that are required under the Building Code. These inspections are carried out by our Building Inspectors, who check each major phase of your construction and ensure that the work is being carried out according to:

  • The Building Code
  • Your Permit
  • Your Approved building plans

The inspector must be able to see the part of the construction to be inspected, and usually needs 24 to 48 hours advance notice. 

If the inspector finds that some work does not conform to the approved plans, you will be advised and you may be sent a notice asking that the situation be remedied. Another inspection may be required before you resume work. If work continues without resolving the problem, you can be subject to legal action. 

In addition to cooperating with any inspections, you are also required to:

  • Post your building permit in a window or other prominent place on site
  • Keep a copy of your building plan on site
  • Bring any proposed changes to the attention of the Building Official as soon as possible. These changes will require approval in the same manner as the original building plans.

The required application to construct, demolish, renovate, plumbing, signage, pools, and hot tubs is available through Cloudpermit at the link below. You will be required to create a profile through Cloudpermit before you can submit an application through the platform: 

Find out more about Cloudpermit

If you have any questions or inquiries please contact:
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