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  • Brockville ranks among the best communities in Canada for great health care

    Brockville ranks among the best communities in Canada for great health care

    Posted: Friday August 23, 2019

    Brockville can add another 7th place finish to its bragging rights with the recent rankings from MacLean’s for “Best communities in Canada for great health care 2019”. The rankings award points for communities that spend the least amount of time on waiting lists, as well as how many family doctors, specialists, and doctor’s offices are available per capita, and finally if there is an emergency room within an hour’s drive.

    This recent ranking is a testament to the quality of care offered by all of Brockville’s local health care providers, from primary care to emergent care.

    “I was unfortunate enough to break my wrist this past winter, but it did give me a chance to experience the emergency room at Brockville General Hospital (BGH) first hand and I was pleasantly surprised to find virtually no wait time to be triaged and taken in to X-ray. Of course nobody enjoys a trip to the emergency room, but knowing you will receive top care when you need it really gives you peace of mind.” Said Kendra Lorimer, local patient and Economic Development Coordinator for the City of Brockville.

    “Good healthcare requires a system approach,” shares Nick Vlacholias, President and Chief Executive Officer of BGH. “Our hospital is one part of a strong and vibrant local health system which puts our patients and family members at the centre. We have made great strides to be recognized as the seventh best in Canada, but we know there is so much more that we could do, together, to deliver the best healthcare experience. We are committed to working with our staff, physicians, volunteers and partners to continue to meet the unique needs of our community.”

    With nearly a dozen primary care teams across the Leeds Grenville area, the largest is the Upper Canada Family Health Team. The Health Team is comprised of a group of health care professionals including two Family Health Organizations, the Brockville Family Health Organization and the Thousand Island Family Health Organization. These teams provide integrated primary care at ten locations across the community.

    The approach of Upper Canada Family Health Team allows the physicians in their network to work collaboratively to provide comprehensive and accessible health care to their patients and families. Their Coordinated Care Planning Program has become an integral part of their care model and spans almost all of their programs. The Coordinated Care Planning program assists with closing any gaps when a patient moves from one provider to another, allows for faster follow-up, and helps reduce the likelihood of readmission to hospital. As the population continues to age in Brockville and across Canada, this coordinated approach is integral to delivering continued improvements to the patient experience and reducing wait times.

    The hospital is also preparing for future health care needs of the area’s growing and aging population.

    “As the health care needs of our community evolves and expands, we must also grow to meet those needs,” says Vlacholias. “Our Redevelopment Project will bring all hospital services under one roof while making key renovations to our current site. Furthermore, the tower will add an additional 22 beds, bringing our overall bed count to over 160. Our Redevelopment Project will position us well to continue to serve our Leeds Grenville community well into the future.”

    Brockville General Hospital’s Phase II Redevelopment Project will bring all inpatient programs and services, including those offered at the Garden Street site, on to one campus at the Charles Street site. This includes the Palliative Care, Restorative and Rehabilitation Services, Complex Continuing Care, and Inpatient Mental Health programs. Patient occupancy is expected in late spring 2020.

    This project, which includes the addition of a five-storey patient tower, builds on the Hospital’s commitment to healthcare, and may even contribute to Brockville moving up a few pegs in the rankings.

    This health care ranking is hot on the heels of last year’s similar seventh place finish on Expedia’s Most Active Cities in Canada. When taken together, the two rankings indicate the high quality of life that Brockville residents appreciate and the commitment by community members to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. Recreation and health care are two primary considerations when someone is considering a new community to move to and Brockville residents should be proud of this latest recognition.

    To read more about the MacLean’s ranking, check out their article.

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