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    Canteen Operator Opportunity

    Posted: Tuesday April 09, 2024

    The City of Brockville invites entrepreneurs to submit a business plan to operate the Canteen at St. Lawrence Park.

    The Canteen space is available from Victoria Day to Labour Day weekend (maximum 15 weeks).

    Submit your proposal, including menu items, hours of service, and any special feature ideas to Chad Davis,  Supervisor of Parks, on or before Wednesday May 1st, 2024. Payment to the City will be $150.00 per week plus tax, and can be paid at the end of each month in operation, or a lump sum at the end of the season will also be accepted. Selection criteria will be based on your ideas as listed above.

    Important dates:

    • Wednesday April 24th at 1 pm to view that space.
    • Wednesday, May 1st , Proposal submission date.
    • Wednesday, May 8th, Date of decision.

    Additional information:

    • Applicants will be invited to view the space on Wednesday April 24th at 1:00 pm at the Canteen.
    • City will not provide renovations to the canteen at this time.
    • 120V Power and Water are available.
    • Natural Gas/Propane will not be available.
    • No Fryers will be permitted in the space during operations.
    • Selection will take page on May 8th and the successful candidates(s) will be notified by email.
    • At least two weeks prior to opening, selected canteen operator(s) must provide the City with:

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