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    Transit Service Information Update

    Posted: Wednesday April 17, 2024

    You may have noticed that we have been posting about a lot of transit updates lately. We know that having a reliable way to get around the city is an essential service that we provide, as is having a predicable schedule that you can rely on.

    In order to be as transparent as possible, we want to provide you with an update so that you can better understand what is happening and when we anticipate being able to return to a more predicable schedule.

    What has led us to this point?

    It’s likely that we will be operating the transit system without this spare capacity until sometime in May, which means that route modifications are likely to occur until May when we receive the first new bus.

    What are we doing about it?

    • As much as possible, we will complete minor repairs outside of service hours to not impact the transit service. Larger repairs and inspections need to be completed during regular working hours as they often require 2 technicians to complete
    • We are working on a new maintenance schedule so that we can stack maintenance and inspections together as much as possible. This will lead to a transit service schedule that is more predictable, and were service outages and route modifications occur less frequently, but for a longer duration, and where we can announce the changes in advance.
    • We will still be at the mercy of breakdowns or unexpected issues, but should help reduce last minute announcements about route changes and service outages.

    How you can stay up to date:

    We thank everyone for their patience and understanding.

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