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    Laurier Park “M6 Project”

    Posted: Thursday March 14, 2024

    As part of the 2024 budget, a project was approved by Council to create a new sports pitch at Memorial Park on Laurier Blvd. Work to construct the new “M6” pitch is planned to be completed during the summer of 2024. The new soccer-style pitch will be in the low-lying areas of Memorial Park adjacent to Laurier Boulevard and the toboggan hill. This area remains too wet throughout the spring and summer to be used for sports and is currently only used to build the outdoor skating area in winter.

    Due to favorable weather conditions work to build this new sports pitch is starting ahead of schedule. Heavy machinery is currently preparing the area to begin accepting trucks with fill material as early as March 15. The project will see roughly 100 loads of fill material brought in and levelled. A new irrigation system is planned to be installed and the whole site will receive a finish of topsoil and grass. City staff will open the field to use once the site is ready.

    Good news skaters! The skating area will be built on the improved site this coming winter.


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