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  • Compost Site Dates Extended by Two Weeks

    Compost Site Dates Extended by Two Weeks

    Posted: Friday November 17, 2023

    Curbside leaf collection will be completed during the week of November 13 to November 18th.

    Gord Watts Municipal compost site has extended their opening hours for two additional weeks for drop off.


    Monday to Friday 12pm to 5pm

    Saturday 10am to 3pm

    The site will close Friday December 8th, 2023 for the season.

    Leaves and brush may be brought to the Gord Watts Compost Site at 251 North Augusta Road. Leaves are free to drop off, but a small fee applies to brush. Please note that plastic bags are not permitted for leaf collection. Leaves must be in paper bags or reusable containers only. Please ensure that no garbage or brush is included. Compost site hours and rates are available in the waste collection calendar.

    Stay informed about Brockville’s waste and recycling program, including holiday collection changes, event reminders and more. Search “recycle coach” in the App store.

    More information can be found here: https://brockville.com/city-services/solidwaste/#leaf-yard-compost

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