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    Posted: Thursday March 23, 2023

    The following contains excerpts from Sign Bylaw 84-89, as amended, pertaining to Real Estate Signs in the City of Brockville.

    Section 2.0: Definitions, Subsection 2.33

    “Real Estate Sign” means a notification advising that a property is to be sold, rented or leased, and which may also indicate to whom a person should inquire with regard thereto.

    Explanatory Note: “A Real Estate Sign” is subject to provisions as set out in City of Brockville Bylaw 84-89, as amended. A summary is provided below.

    Section 4.0: Permit Exemptions, Subsection 4.1

    No permit under this By-law shall be required for:

    • 1 (g) real estate signs;

    Explanatory Note: Although a sign permit is not required for a Real Estate Sign, all Real Estate Signs must comply with applicable sign provisions.

    Part 5.0: General Regulations Applicable to All Signs in All Zones, Subsection 5.16 Real Estate Signs

    5.16 (a): No real estate sign shall be affixed to any trees located on public property, utility poles or municipal standards or be erected or placed on municipal or public property, save and except signs erected by or for the Corporation. Any sign contravening the provisions of this Section may be removed without notice by the City of Brockville.

    5.16 (b): Except as otherwise provided herein, there shall be a limit of two (2) double faced real estate signs per property.

    Explanatory Note: Should a Real Estate Sign be proposed for placement on public property as noted in 5.16 (a) above, permission must be obtained from the City Clerk prior to erecting the sign(s).

    Section 8.0: Signs in Commercial and Industrial Zones, Subsection 9

    Signs in Commercial Zones, excluding the Downtown Core Area, and Industrial Zones are permitted subject to the following conditions:

    Real Estate Signs

    Where a parcel of land is 0.5 hectares (1.25 acres) or larger in area, one (1) real estate sign of a maximum area of 4.5 sq. metres (48 sq. ft.) may be erected on the said parcel.

    Explanatory Note: All provisions under Section 5 must be reviewed for applicability to Real Estate Signs.

    For more information about signage requirements within the City of Brockville, please contact the Planning Department.

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