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    Swimming pools and hot tubs

    Posted: Sunday March 21, 2021

    If you are planning to install a swimming pool, hot tub or any other artificial body of water that may be used for swimming or bathing, you will need to obtain a building permit from the Building Department according to the Swimming Pool Bylaw #35-83.

    General Information

    Along with your fully completed application (above), you will need to submit the following:

    • Plot plan or survey locating the pool and all pool equipment in relation to all buildings, fences, structures and lot lines.
    • A lot grading plan shall be submitted for an in-ground pool. This will be reviewed by our Engineering and Infrastructure Department. The lot grading plan must be prepared by an Ontario Land Surveyor or Professional Engineer.

    Additionally, your installation plans should take the following into account:

    • Every private swimming pool shall be secured against entry of the public other than tenants or their guests.
    • No barbed wire or device for projecting an electric current shall form part of a fence or gate.
    • Where a privately owned swimming pool is used at night or if the pool is situated where adequate natural illumination is not available, a lighting system shall be provided. Such lighting shall be directed away from adjacent residential properties.


    Every residential swimming pool shall be secured with the required fencing. The exception is where a pool is erected above grade to a minimum of 4 feet above the ground provided that:

    • The grade of the ground adjacent to the outside wall of the pool is at least 4 feet below the top of the pool walls.
    • No accessory building or pool equipment that could be used to assist in gaining access to the pool is located within 4 feet from the pool wall.
    • Any ladder or gate or other means of access to the pool is designed to be locked and is maintained in a locked position in a like manner as is required for gates.
    • The wall of the pool and any deck or other associated construction will provide the security equivalent to a fence required by the Swimming Pool Bylaw.

    Certain construction requirements need to be met depending on the type of fence you plan on erecting. Please speak with someone in the Building Department for these requirements.

    Zoning Requirements

    Excerpt from Zoning Bylaw 050-2014:

    • Distance from Lot Line: No person shall locate any part of a swimming pool closer than 5 feet to any rear or interior side lot line, nor closer than 15 feet to any exterior side lot line. This includes any supports or buttresses.
    • Treatment Equipment: No water circulating equipment or treatment equipment shall be located closer than 10′ to any rear or interior side lot line, nor closer than 15 feet to any exterior side lot line except where such equipment is located within a main or accessory building.
    • Accessory Building to Private Swimming Pool: Any structure used in conjunction with a private swimming pool shall only be permitted in the interior side or rear yard and shall be located in accordance with the provisions of Section 3.1 b) of the Zoning Bylaw. Buildings larger than 15 square metres (161 square feet) will require a building permit.
    • Lot Coverage: A swimming pool shall not be considered part of the lot coverage.


    If you are planning to construct a deck with your pool, the Building Department will include the deck with the permit issued for the swimming pool provided the following items are met:

    • Deck size and location in relation to all buildings, fences, structures and lot lines is shown on the plot plan or survey.
    • Complete construction drawings are submitted at time of application or within 30 days of when the permit is issued for the swimming pool.


    Every person who erects or constructs a private swimming pool or fence around a swimming pool shall pay the required permit fee at time of application for permit. Please contact Building Services for current fees.

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