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    Installing a fence

    Posted: Friday January 08, 2021

    Fences must adhere to the City of Brockville Zoning By-law 050-2014.

    Excerpts from the Zoning By-law:

    No person shall construct a fence within the City of Brockville except in accordance with the following provisions:

    • Fences: Provision Applicable to All Zones
      • No razor wire or electrical charged fences shall be permitted.
    • Fences: Residential Zones
      • Fences, walks or hedgerows described herein shall be measured from grade, and said height shall be inclusive of lattice or other fence toppers.
      • Fences or walls constructed in any side or rear yard in any Residential Zone shall be limited to a height of 2.0 metres.
      • Fences, walls, or unpierced hedgerows constructed or planted in any front yard in any Residential Zone shall be limited to a height of 1.0 metre.
      • No barbed wire, spire tips, razor wire, sharp objects or electrically charged fences shall be permitted.
    • Fences: Mixed Use, Commercial and Employment Zones
      • Security fences in Commercial and Employment Zones shall be limited to a height of 2.5 metres exclusive of barbed wire where it is permitted in subclause 3.16 (b) iii).
      • All fences shall be of sound, sturdy construction and except as provided above, limited to 2.0 metres in height.
      • Barbed wire shall be permitted on security fences in Commercial and Employment Zones but shall be limited to three (3) strands, shall not overhang the fence in the direction of the lot line, and shall not be used less than 2.0 metres from grade.
    • Fences – Other Zones Except Open Space and Institutional Zones
      • All fences, except those described in clauses 3.16 a) and b) and those located in any Open Space or Institutional Zone, shall be limited in height to 2.0 metres.

    Yard, Setback and Height Encroachments Permitted

    • Structures. Notwithstanding the yard provisions of this By-law, clothes lines, flag poles, garden trellises, fences, retaining walls, pergolas or lawful signs, shall be permitted in any required yard, except where specifically excluded in a corner lot visibility triangle or a planting strip in accordance with the provisions of this By-law.

    Building Permits are not required for the installation of a fence; however, you are required to confirm the location of your property lines prior to the installation commencing. It is your responsibility to ensure the fence is installed on your property.

    For additional information, please contact the Planning Department.

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